Kalahari trip benefits local ministry

On March 12 and 13, Some kids are going to be at Kalahari. Kalahari is a waterpark in Ohio. From Freedom, it is about a three-hour drive. You can eat breakfast at the buffet and dinner at the restaurant they have there, and many other little shops to stop by on the way to the actual waterpark. There is also an arcade, many shops, and things like mini golf, hair beads, and VR. The Kalahari trip is sponsored by Skybacher Ministries.

“We like to pay students that do the summer camp, and also a way to bring the community together. It is $10 for every person, we make about $400. We try to always choose an in-service day, that’s why we chose that weekend. The money goes to our summer camp and pays the students that work the camp. It’s hard to tell how many students come but it has grown over the years,” John Morbacher, Skybacher Ministries leader, said.

 “ My favorite thing at the park is the wave pool. I go to the park for the Mohrbacher fundraiser. I stay overnight, not just for the day. It takes me about three hours to get there,” Wyatt Donawitz, Student  1` said.