Interventionists help improve students’ grades

Hryckowian working with students.
(Anna Schomburg and Sophia Bruce)
Mrs. Egley working with students. (Anna Schomburg and Sophia Bruce)

Mrs. Ellen Egley and Ms. Amanda Hryckowian are new additions to our school. Mrs. Egley is a math interventionist and was hired in October 2022. Ms. Hryckowian is an ELA interventionist and was hired in February 2022. They have both made a great impact on our school and have helped so many kids. Mrs. Egley and Ms. Hryckowian are both first-time interventionists and both love working in small groups. 

“We decided to hire a math and ELA interventionist because of student data,” Dr. Ryan Smith, middle school principal, says. The only other interventionists we have are behavioral interventionists, and the ones we had before Mrs. Egly and Ms. Hryckowian were Mrs. Clibbens, Mr. Kelm, Mrs. Shultz, and even Dr. Smith himself.  “The students have had great growth from Mrs. Egley and Ms. Hryckowian,” Dr. Smith said.

Mrs. Egley did not enjoy math when she was younger, but as she got older she discovered that she was very good at it. She wanted to help kids out and be the teacher that she had always needed. She loves getting to work with small groups and before she became an interventionist she taught third, fourth, fifth, seventh, and eighth grade. 

Ms. Hryckowian loved the idea that she could work with students and help them learn ELA. She has not taught at any other school before and loves her job here at Freedom.

“Ms. Hryckowian helps me understand things easier and shows it in different ways. I love her!”  Piper Fichter, sixth grade student, said.

“Mrs. Egley has improved my grade a lot and helps me a lot,”Paislee Kozdra, fifth grade student, said.

Mrs. Egley and Ms. Hryckowian  have made an amazing impact on the middle school and we are so lucky to have them.