Chorus goes on field trip for first time in 16 years


Tayler Dalesandro

The chorus at McDonalds ready to eat their food.

Tayler Dalesandro, Writer

This year grades 6 through 8 chorus students are going on a field trip.  The chorus is so thankful to the PTA who paid for our bus and made it possible to go on this trip. The trip is in Downtown Pittsburgh at the Pittsburgh Musical Theater. It is a play of the Beauty and the Beast with children ages 8 to 13 acting. The play is about 90 minutes along with an intermission.

At the field trip the chorus had a wonderful time. They really enjoyed the play because there was a lot of singing and dancing to some of their favorite songs from Beauty and the Beast. The chorus also had a lot of fun at McDonalds because they were able to talk while they ate. They also played on the McDonalds playground as well which was really fun.  The chorus got to sit and hang out on the bus while driving to the theater and back to school which was about forty five minutes each way.

“I think that the chorus will love the play because it will be kids 8 through 13, which is their age, acting in it. I also think it is a great way for the choir to bond and have a very relaxing fun day. Plus, it is way different because this is the first year the PTA has helped us pay for this trip which I am very thankful for,” Mrs. Newman, music and chorus teacher, said.

“I think the field trip will be really fun and exciting. My favorite part will probably be the bus ride because I will get to talk to my friends. I also am really excited to see the play and the theater. I think it is also a great opportunity for the chorus to hang out with each other more since we are all in different grades,” Madison Dalesandro, sixth grader, said.

The 6 through 8 chorus had a really fun and great time on the field trip. The chorus is also very grateful for the PTA who made this trip possible.