Renovations help to improve middle school building

The middle school was originally the high school and was built in 1960. Its latest renovations were in 2002. There has been a problem recently with the air conditioning in the school. It sometimes gets too hot or too cold in the classrooms. Some kids have a hard time focusing on their tasks when the temperature is not normal.

On Jan. 19, Dr. Ryan Smith, middle school principal,  announced that the school would be hiring new contractors. The contractors will work mostly on the Uni-vent units. 

“The renovations will start in late spring and last throughout the summer,” Dr. Smith said, “We are trying to make sure it has the least impact on the classrooms.” The renovations are being paid for by a combination of the school’s budget and grants. 

“It’s called a four pipe system, two of the pipes carry chilled water to a coil and two other pipes carry hot water to other coils in each individual classroom unit. The classroom unit takes a mixture of outside air ‘fresh air’ along with the inside air of the room and conditions it using a fan. The fan pushes the air across a hot coil in the winter, or across a chilled coil in the summer for conditioning of the air,” Mr. Gary Mortimer, Director of Buildings and Grounds, said.  “They are looking to improve the indoor air quality.”

Mr. Mortimer has been working at the school since the spring of 2010. The biggest construction project Mr. Mortimer has done was the building of the Elementary School. They contracted a roofing company to complete the roof of the main entryway and lobby of the middle school.