Serbian Christmas Traditions

Learn about how the Serbians celebrate Christmas

Every year on Jan. 7 there is a holiday called Serbian Christmas. It is mostly celebrated in Serbia. People gather in big groups and have delicious foods, such as pecenica which is also known as roast pork and also meat sarma which is also known as stuffed cabbage. They don’t just have delicious food but they also have really delicious desserts as well such as an apple strudel and cheese strudels.

On Serbian Christmas they perform rituals. One of their rituals is on their Christmas Eve which is Jan. 7. People who celebrate place badnjak which is basically an oak branch in the fire. They also do more rituals but it just depends on their family. They also give gifts to each other as well. They also sometimes have rituals in groups.

On Serbian Christmas they also have a huge dinner with family, friends, or even just in groups. On the table there are also tons of candles lit. At their Christmas Eve dinner the family members or friends will take a seat. Then the Sebians will rise once a boy or a man stands up to say prayers. They all say the prayers together. Sometimes they don’t pray, instead they sing.