FIDs: Only four left in school year


Elizabeth Mooney

What students see when they access the Google Meet website.

Elizabeth Mooney, Copy Editor

A question many students have at least thought about is what will happen when it snows so much that they can’t come to school. Back before the COVID-19 pandemic started, “Snow Days” were still a thing. When schools were shut down because of the pandemic, virtual schooling was introduced. Students learned on their computers and using Google Meet. If students didn’t log in, they were not marked absent. The school has one Snow Day built into the school calendar. If there are any Snow Days and students participate in virtual schooling this year, things will be a bit different. Students are now required to log into their classes and complete assignments. 

“So, my belief is that the district will utilize the FIDs before we get into any snow days. That would preserve the snow days. You could have a set spring break, because that is where our snow days are. We have been approved for five FID days throughout the year,” Dr. Ryan Smith, middle school principal, stated. 

The school has been approved for five FIDs this year by the PA Department of Education. 

“The school day will start at 9 a.m. and run till 2:30 p.m., with a common lunch for all students. We will take the daily attendance during first period, and we will also take attendance every period. We have four minutes in between periods so students have time to transition for class to class. The teacher will be available every single class. Class should be very similar to what a normal day looks like. First period is the main period; if students don’t show up for two or three that would be a tardy,” Dr. Smith stated about the schedule of the FIDs. 

Freedom just had a FID, on Jan. 25. Weather prevented school from being held. The school only has 4 FIDs left for the rest of the school year.  

“I noticed the students did a great job with engagement and participation throughout the day. Attendance was comparable to a regular school day. Classroom participation and work ethic was fantastic! It is great to still be able to have a regular school day from home thanks to technology,” Mrs. Michelle McCanna, eighth grade math teacher, stated. 

For the FID day, a lot of students were able to participate. Some had internet connectivity issues, and some were doing it for the first time. Some teachers were new to this as well. In all, the FID was a success!