Tri County Soccer and Sports Center, indoor soccer season ended for the winter

Do you like soccer? Do you miss it in the winter months? Then you would like Tri County Soccer and Sports Center. Sadly though, you will have to wait until next winter. The Tri County Soccer Season just ended. 

Unlike outdoor soccer with your school team or other clubs, Tri County’s soccer rules and field are a bit different. The entire field in Tri County is surrounded by walls and netting for safety so the ball doesn’t go flying out of the field, the goalie has to wear a helmet because of all those walls and netting. In outdoor soccer, for school teams and such, there are 12 people on the field counting the goalie, but in indoor soccer, there are only 6 people on the field counting the goalie. Those are some big changes between the two. 

Logan Tuszynski, seventh grader, prefers indoor soccer over outdoor because it is a faster pace. His favorite part is the experience of the turf and the walls. His team is the BenchWarmers. 

There are also some other differences between the two as well. Another difference is that in outdoor, depending on the team, you travel to different fields and turf, while in indoor soccer, you stay at one field, which in our area is Tri County. Although there are some other indoor soccer places near here. There is the North Hills Soccer Complex, TROJANS Soccer Club, Sportrak Inc., Beadling North Soccer Complex, and others. In addition, the field is a carpet/turf so you can’t wear cleats with spikes, they are flat on the bottom. Nick Fessler, a member of the BenchWarmers team, prefers indoor soccer over outdoor because he likes that it is easier to score. He also likes how fast the game is and the walls.