The Taylor Swift ticket catastrophe

Hannah Metzger, Managing Editor

As a lot of you know Taylor Swift came out with a new album– Midnights. Midnights came out on Oct. 21. A little after she released Midnights, she announced on Tuesday, Nov. 1, she’s doing an all ERA tour only in the United States and tickets on TicketMaster are coming out on November 18. There were 27 dates in 20 cities.

 Once the tickets came out, TicketMaster was blowing up like crazy. TicketMaster kept crashing, fans all over Tik Tok posting about the situation. People were getting angry.  Almost like the scene from her Look What You Made Me Do music video, when all the old Taylors were going after the Reputation Taylor. In this situation, the Reputation Taylor is the tickets/Ticketmaster, and the old Taylors are all the fans trying to get tickets to the concert. If you go to the Music video on Youtube, here are the minutes (2.21-3.04). 

That mostly explains the story, but there are a few things that we still need to go over. The whole process of getting tickets first started with people getting presale codes on TicketMaster to get early access. You could have gotten them from Capital One, or the TicketMaster verified feature. 

As what Ticketmaster did, they had an extra 1000 tickets to still sell, but they canceled the whole thing because of “high demand on the ticket systems, and keeping the ticket inventory”. 

Now we can  finally get to the real question, are TicketMaster Bots stealing tickets? 

On “TMZ Live,” Swift explained how she’s not buying TicketMasters’ claim about the presale problems on how they were a “supply and demand issue.” And a bunch of Taylor Swift fans filed lawsuits towards TicketMaster because of how badly they wanted tickets. And they didn’t agree.

So basically TicketMaster gave out more presale codes then seats that are available. So there was no possible way to get a seat if you didn’t get a presale code. 

If I’m being honest, I think it’s weird how TicketMaster did that. And I think Swift did the right thing by filing a lawsuit towards TicketMaster. The only reason I can think why TicketMaster did that is because they knew there were going to be a lot of people, so they wanted to do lots of pre-sale codes so it would be fair, but then after giving out the codes they realized they gave out too much and knew they did something wrong.