Grades 3, 4 and middle school say goodbye to Mrs. Sue Beckey


Emme Borrelli

This photo was taken on Dec 8, 2022 in the cafeteria.

Our lovely cafeteria cashier Mrs. Sue Beckey is retiring. We all appreciate her hard work and dedication to this school. She has been working here for 17 years. Mrs. Sue is retiring on Dec. 22. 

“I very much appreciated my time here at Freedom. I will miss the ladies in the back kitchen. I am retiring because as I’m older I’m way more tired and I’m always on my feet. My departing words are I would like the kids to be appreciative to the lunch staff,” Mrs. Beckey said.  

“The time spent with Mrs. Sue is probably the best of my memories. We’ll miss her company, she is a good friend,” Mrs. Holly Bruce, cafeteria worker, said

“I think my favorite memory is when I first started last year, she was the first person to make me feel comfortable, she would ask if I needed any help, she was there if I needed help with anything. I will miss just joking around with her, talking to her about family. I guess just the friendship we developed,” Mrs. Erin Demitras, cafeteria worker, said.

“My favorite memory is that she always makes me smile. I will miss the kind gesture she always does and the fact that she answers any time I talk to her,” Klaire Evans, fifth grader, said.