Freedom says goodbye to Ms. Nancy


Emme Borelli

This photo is of Mrs.Nancy on December 8, 2022 in the cafeteria. Photo taken by: Emme Borrelli

If you don’t know, our custodian Ms. Nancy Swab is retiring. We are all going to miss her very much. She has worked so hard here at Freedom and we all greatly appreciate her. She is retiring on Jan. 5, 2023. She is going to absolutely miss the staff and students. She has been working here for almost 20 years. She appreciated her time here as our custodian for the school.

 “The best part is when I can love my students like my grandkids and the worst part is when students make messes in the bathroom. My daughter got me a puppy, so I will be raising a puppy and I’m going to get her on January 6. I will miss some friends, teachers, and my students. My departing words: I love and I’ll miss you guys,” Ms. Nancy said.

  “My favorite memory of Ms. Nancy was when we used to do a Christmas lip sync concert, so the staff would sing. She joined us and the kids loved it. I will miss her passion to help support the students and her hard work. I’ve never seen anyone work harder than her. She is awesome,” Dr. Ryan Smith, principal, said.

“When we decorate for the holidays she will help me decorate. We’re going to miss her in general, but the way she’s very caring and treats everybody else [is what I’ll miss the most]. She’s just a great person,” Mrs. Cathy Baker, FMS secretary, said.

“My favorite memory is when I infuriate her and she chases me around. I’ll miss it when someone says I talked about her fluff and she says,  ‘I know your cousin and I’ll tell her’,” Jesse Dietrich, fifth grader, said.