Penny Drive Raises $800 For Make-A-Wish


Lincoln Murphy

Mr. Culler counts dollar bills in his room on Dec. 13, 2022.

Lincoln Murphy, Writer

The Student Government Penny Drive has been very successful this year with the total amount of money raised being $802.53 and the winning homeroom being Mrs. Malarik and Mr. Gregg, with $55.57.  Mrs. Malarik’s class got their Oram’s Donuts on Dec. 21, 2022. The winning house was Green. The first annual Penny Drive was in 2001 and about $3,000 was raised, but that’s not the highest amount ever raised, one year, it got up to about $4,000!

“My favorite part of the Penny Drive is getting to bomb people [with silver coins],” Anthony Ricciardi, team green, said. 

“My favorite part of the Penny Drive is going against different houses,” Madison Knopp, team yellow, said.

When asked if he thought this year was better than previous years, Mr. Culler, student government sponsor, stated, “Overall yes, additional posters helped remind students what was going on.” When asked if he thought participation was low this year, he stated, “Initially, I was but in the end, we raised $60 dollars more than last year!” Mr. Culler’s homeroom has been on a losing streak for the past two years!