Should people celebrate Christmas early?


Pearl Klaiber

Target had their Christmas tree display out in early November.

Pearl Klaiber, Editor in Chief

With October out of the way and Halloween over, many adults and kids are set up for Christmas. But we still have Thanksgiving in November. So why do people start celebrating Christmas so early? And what are the pros and cons of starting to prepare for Christmas early? 

Christmas is a holiday that is worth celebrating early. Celebrating early also helps adults to start getting ready sooner. If stores continue to put out decorations early then people can begin shopping early for the presents people really want. With shipping costs rising and things coming to us from far away it is best to start early so you can be on top of things. Stores start to put out Christmas items in late October or early November. This may also be helpful because in-store purchases will get you what you need and want fast.

This year inflation is a huge problem for many people around the world. With prices skyrocketing it is hard to go to the store and buy what you want. Parents and kids alike have to make sure they don’t spend all of their money on one trip to the store. Not only Christmas gifts such as toys, games, sports gear, and technology, but also everyday needs have become very pricy. And people don’t know what to do with this.  

“I love setting up for Christmas.” Ali Millward Exclaimed. However, Kaitlin Evans countered “I like Christmas, but I don’t know why everyone goes crazy over it.” 

It’s very obvious that different people have different opinions about Early Christmas, but in the end, it’s not about whether you like it or not. It’s about what makes you happy. And just remember to enjoy your Christmas.