Throwing away your halloween costume has more of an effect than you think

Lillian Stragand , Writer

According to WasteManaged, a study was formed by Environmental Group Hubbub into Halloween waste and it turned up with 83% of Halloween costumes made up of non-recyclable and oil-based plastics that are designed to end up as landfill. Another disturbing fact is the plastic polyester is used in over 63% of these costumes, the plastic polyester can take between 20-200 years to decompose. In the USA alone there are around 35 billion costumes thrown away each year after halloween. 

Most of the students that were interviewed said they keep their costumes in their attics or basements. 

Only a few of the students said that they didn’t keep their costumes or reuse them. If you decide to get rid of your old costumes after Halloween, please make sure that they are disposed of properly. For example you can give them to family or friends, you can use them as a fun craft and make them into something new and creative, you can donate them to places like goodwill or even the salvation army, or you can just recycle them.