Fall Fest


Mrs. Miller

Leah Ratliff and Holly Molter, sixth graders, test their catapults made out of popsicle sticks and rubber bands in Mrs. Spencer’s room during Fall Fest.

This was the eighth year that the Freedom Area Middle School hosted a fall festival for the sixth graders. 

“Some of the activities the sixth graders did were counting pumpkin and sunflower seeds for statistics, participating in escape rooms, pumpkin races, and pumpkin launches,” stated Ms. Ging, sixth-grade teacher. “The activities are all based on pumpkins or simple machines.” 

The trebuchet and the pumpkin race are both hosted at the high school. The High School Physics Club helps out with both activities. As sixth graders switch back and forth between the trebuchet and the pumpkin races, the Physics Club has time to set up the trebuchet. Some sixth graders even have the opportunity to pull the trigger to release the trebuchet and fling the pumpkin. Here is what 7th graders Julia Bair and Karter Brown said when asked what their favorite part of the fall fest was when they got to do it last year. 

“My favorite part of the Fall Fest was building the pumpkins for the pumpkin race,” Julia Bair answered. “It was interesting seeing what everyone made, and it was fun making the pumpkin cars unique and special for the race.” 

“My favorite part of the Fall Fest was the pumpkin launch,” Karter Brown said. “It was interesting seeing how far different pumpkins went depending on size and the string length.” 

“I’m very excited for the Fall Fest next year.” 5th grader Kaylee Anderson said when asked about her thoughts on the Fall Fest. “I think it will be a lot of fun. I’m looking forward to carving pumpkins and counting the seeds in math class.” 

There are many different activities to ensure that each and every sixth-grade student has fun during the Fall Fest. “If I could change anything about the Fall Fest, I wouldn’t change anything.” 6th grader, Brooke Sarvey stated when asked about the Fall Fest. “I think the system they have currently is great, and I enjoyed the events.”