Soccer season comes to an end with wins and losses

Cooper Brien, Copy Editor


Soccer, one of the school’s many different sports and one of the world’s favorites, came to an end on Sept. 30 with a game against the Carlynton Cougars. This season had many wins and losses by both the boy’s and girl’s teams. It will start back up in the fall of next year. 

The boy’s team had both good and bad games this soccer season. Unfortunately, they lost most of their matches, but on a couple of occasions, like the game against Carlynton, they won. In the last game of the season, the boys won with the score being 7-1. That was a big win for the boys compared to some of the other games. 

“Our record wasn’t the best but we showed improvement throughout the season and for the boys, we ended the season with our best game of the season,” Mr. John Morbacher, middle school boy’s soccer coach, said. Mohrbacher has been coaching for 24 years, 19 of them were coaching the high school girl’s team and the other five were coaching the middle school soccer teams. 

The girl’s team also had a pretty good season. They won and lost a couple of games. One of the wins was against Hopewell and they won 2-1. That was a great game.  Overall, both teams had a great season, not their best but still a great season. 

“I honestly think the teams did well every game. They were competitive, they always hustled, they never gave up,” Mrs. Boyd, fifth grade ELA and social studies teacher, said. She also said that she went to every home game.