Football season comes to a close


Kendall Climo

The Freedom Middle School football team faces off against the Quaker Valley team at the last game of the season.

Kendall Climo, Managing Editor

The Freedom Area Middle School’s football season has been going great. The team was 5-0 with 1 game left. The players are very happy with their winning season and are ready to take home their last win this season.

“I did not get to score any touchdowns but I got all the tackles so I’m happy,” linebacker Easton Ward said. “I think the last game will be hard, but we have a high chance of winning.”

On Oct.12, the team went up against Western Beaver, another 5-0 team, and lost 14-6. It was a tough game and the team fought hard, but in the end it was all about the touchdowns. 

“I think we played good but the other team was just a bit better,” Ward stated. He was definitely right when he said the last game would be hard, but there was another game added, so the season is not quite over yet. This game will be another chance, so if the team wins they will be ending the season on a very high note. 

On October 20, the official last game of the season, the Freedom Bulldogs took home their last win for the year. The score was 24-14 against Quaker Valley. That game wrapped up the 2022 football season.