Staying safe during the school year


Sara Miller

Teachers practicing A.L.I.C.E training in the band room before the drill on the in-service day, Oct. 10.

Once a year, the school has a safety drill to prepare in the event of an active intruder on campus or in the building. It is required by law that the school performs a safety drill within the first 90 days of a school year. 

This drill replaces the monthly fire drill for that month. Our school performs the active intruder drill from a safety handbook, it gives directions on what to do and how to perform the drill. Dr. Ryan Smith, middle school principal, hopes we will never need to use the skills practiced during this drill, but would like to be prepared in case we have to. The drill itself practices an active intruder, but can be used if someone unwanted or unallowed enters the building or enters the school’s grounds. 

During the drill Officer Jones makes sure everyone is safe and answers any questions throughout the school. 

Before the main student drill, the teachers do a drill of their own and use the A.L.I.C.E training to prepare for the student drill.

Most of the students who were asked about the drill said their classes would not stop talking throughout the drill even when the teachers would tell them to stop. With the exception of students talking, those asked about the drill said they thought it worked out well. 

“It was the best drill we have had to date,” Dr. Smith said when asked about the performance of the drill.

Dr. Smith could not think of ways the drill could have been better, but wants to make sure students are comfortable in these situations, and would like the students to listen to the teachers a little better.

This safety drill seems to be the best the school has in a few years.