Student Government runs annual Penny Drive to benefit Make-A-Wish


Lincoln Murphy

McKenna Kalinoski, fifth grade Student Government member, listens to Mr. Culler talk about the Penny Drive during the Student Government Meeting in his room on Wed., Oct. 19.

Lincoln Murphy, Writer

The Penny Drive is an annual fundraiser run by the Student Government to give a donation to a charity during the holiday season. This year’s charity is the Make-A-Wish Foundation. The Penny Drive will start on Nov. 1 and will end Dec. 9. It is a house and homeroom competition. 

There will be a jar in each homeroom.  Pennies and dollar bills count as positive money. Silver coins count as negative money. All positive money in those jars will count as points for your house and homeroom. You can put negative money in other homeroom’s jars and they will lose points. 

“The homeroom with the most points gets Oram’s donuts!’’  Mr. James Culler, the sponsor for the Penny Drive, stated. He has run the Penny Drive for many years.

“I want to participate in the Penny Drive first, because I want donuts, second, because I want to donate to a charity. Also I want to get points for my house. Let’s go, Moose!” Jesse Dietrich, fifth grader, said. 

“I want to do the Penny Drive so that whoever the money goes to so that the people are happy. I am a Wolf.”  Jordan Moehrle, sixth grader, said. 

On Oct. 19, the Student Government voted from four different charities that the money would go to. They chose from Make-A-Wish, The Kids Heart Foundation, St. Judes, and the Pittsburgh Children’s Hospital. Make-A-Wish won with ten votes.

We are hoping for another successful year!