Mysterious Big Knob sign appears in Green Valley Park.


Mrs. Sara Murphy; Used with permission

The Big Knob sign at Green Valley Park was moved this summer.

Eli Bruce, Writer

Have you been to Green Valley Park recently and noticed something new there? Well recently, the Big Knob Elementary sign was moved to Green Valley Park. Many people want to know why it is there.

Officer Rick Jones, school resource officer, said he has been there a lot of times when he was working and when he coached his son in baseball. He said he saw the sign not long after they put it there. Last, he assumes it is from Big Knob Elementary School.

Third grade teacher Mrs. Colleen Tyler said she taught at Big Knob from 2007- 2014. She has 4 daughters named Lily, Lucy, Layla, and Lina. Her daughters are ages 11, 10, 7, and 5. Her daughters play soccer, basketball, and softball at Green Valley. She said when she sees the sign her heart smiles and there is a bit of nostalgia because that is where she started her teaching career.

Recreation board member Mike Loschinskey said he has been on the Recreation Board for New Sewickley Township since 2021.  In an email interview, Loschinskey explained that the Recreation Board is tasked to take care of Green Valley Park in New Sewickley Township. They have a full time employee there from April through the end of October.  There are 9 members on board, and he has many friends from the park that help out too. They are responsible for the upkeep of the park, upgrading, and planning of the events in the park for the residents to enjoy. They have a Community Day, Movie Nights, Concerts, Flea Markets, Trick or Treat Trail, and more.  They are given a budget that they must follow. He also does fundraising to get extra funds for the park. 

The Big Knob Elementary School sign was installed this summer. The moving of the sign was directed by Mike and Sandy Phipps, and executed by the township road crew employees. Mike Phipps is a township supervisor, and his wife Sandy is a member of the recreation board. The park had a need for a sign.  When Big Knob elementary closed, Mike Phipps requested permission from the school board to relocate the sign to the park, to preserve a piece of New Sewickley history.  They have received lots of questions about the sign. It seems to be drawing a lot of attention.