Students impact the Big Knob Fair


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Lilly Burgess finally won the grand prize at the Big Knob Fair in their third year of entering art.

 Every year when the Big Knob Fair rolls around people are ecstatic with excitement. Hundreds of people go to take part in the Big Knob Fair. It is a fun gathering with lots of activities for everyone that comes. We got together and interviewed some students who participated in these festivities. The Big Knob Fair has many clubs, including Livestock Club, Boy Scouts, and more. The fair also has rides, games, and competitions. Which people love to contribute to each year. We realized that students do a lot to run the fair. Here’s how students take part in the Big Knob Fair. 

Jesse Dietrich, fifth grader, has been doing Livestock Club for two years. He thinks it’s fun because he gets to raise animals.                                                                   

“I feed the pigs and walk them once a day, every day,” Dietrich said. Dietrich is really excited to work with other animals when he gets older, like cows. 

“I like the sale better than the show because I get to make money instead of ribbons,” he commented. Livestock Club is a fun activity where students raise animals and auction them at the Big Knob Fair. Some students can make $2,500 depending on what rank they reach with their livestock. By the sounds of it, Live Stock Club is a very fun club and a fairly big part of the fair! The barns are usually filled with onlookers viewing the animals. People of all ages are also usually interacting with the animals as well. But the animals do more than put smiles on people’s faces, they teach their caretakers how to manage the animals. How to walk and feed the animals. Learning how to do these things and small details is such a  great experience for kids. The Livestock Club provides many pleasurable moments for young elementary to knowledgeable high school students.

Another organization is the Boy Scouts. Boy Scouts students work at a pizza booth every year. At this stand, they sell pizza to make money for their club and all the fantastic activities they do.  

“We make about $3,000 to 4,000 every year for the whole troop,” Finn Hershey stated. “I joined Boy Scouts because it looks good on my resume.” Finn Hershey has been doing Boy Scouts for a year and thinks it is a fun group. But he also wanted to go so he could join in on the fun. Boy Scouts help students do activities outside of school. They also learn survival skills such as how to tie different knots. They have meetings and campouts during camp time as well.  It is a really fun group that students enjoy taking part in.  

Some other things the Big Knob Fair has are rides, games, and derbies. Lots of people buy tickets for the rides and the derbies. There are usually lots of kids that come just for the rides and games with their friends. Some games are played to win and others are played just for enjoyment. Along with games, there are also vendors at the fair, where you can buy all sorts of things. Every year there is always only a group or so of people who only come to see what the vendors have to offer, or for the food. 

There are many great things about the fair, but one thing that is a key part of the fair is the contests. Some of these contests consist of art competitions. Lilly Burgess, the winner of this year’s Art Contest, is a student at Freedom High School. They won best in show for their art piece at the Big Knob Fair. Burgess has been entering art at the fair for three years now and in the third year was thrilled when they heard that the prize belonged to them. 

“I won a 25-dollar cash prize and a big fancy blue ribbon,” Burgess commented about their winning art. Burgess also mentioned what type of art it was and what tools were used. “I did a pointillist portrait of an old man from a magazine on watercolor paper.” Pointillism is a type of art where the artist makes many tiny dots to create an image. This very time-consuming art takes a long time and for Burgess’s art, it took almost a month to complete. 

So in conclusion, kids do a lot to help with the fair. It’s a really great thing to see students doing. Many kids entering competitions and raising animals really bring the community together. And every year the kids look back on all the work they do and love showing off their hard work to all the people that come to see. The Big Knob Fair is not only a fun place for games and food but also a great way to get together and have an amazing time with family and friends alike. So next time you go to the fair and see all the animals, or get some pizza at the Boys Scout booth, or even look at all the art for the competition; just remember all the incredible students that make it possible.