Changes in fifth and sixth grade wing


Hannah Metzger

This is a picture of Mrs. Boyd’s new classroom working.

This year, there have been changes in the fifth and sixth-grade classrooms with teachers moving to different classrooms over the summer. These changes have been really awesome for some teachers.

 “I love it, I am very excited,” Mrs. Tina Boyd, fifth-grade teacher, said.  “It’s much much bigger than my last room!” 

Ms. Jeanine Ging, the sixth-grade teacher, replaced classes with retired teacher Mrs. Lisa Moore. Mrs. Boyd switched classes with Ms. Ging, and Mrs. Ashley Spencer, the new sixth-grade teacher, has Mrs. Boyd’s old room.

“It’s a little weird, I keep walking into Mrs. Boyd’s classroom!” Ms. Ging said. Ging does love the bigger classroom. In Ging’s fifth and sixth-period math she has 31 students. If she still had her old classroom it would be cramped for her and the other students.

I usually like to read a lot and I like reading in bigger spaces. Other students probably like reading in bigger spaces too. Mrs. Boyd likes how her students have a bigger space for reading.

I realized some kids have a tougher time doing work in small spaces. With bigger classrooms, it’s easier for them to focus. Maybe you have an impediment when it comes to thinking in small spaces. It’s sometimes hard for me to focus in small spaces. When I have a big space, it’s easier for me to focus without thinking of other students jabbing into me.

Yes, it can be confusing that the classrooms switched, but in general, I think the teachers are much happier with the different classrooms.