Gym floor gets new a new look


Audrey Mooney

The work on the gym floor over the summer enhanced the look.

Audrey Mooney , Editor-in-Chief

This year the middle school changed up a few things, the gym floor was one of them.  Over the summer, the floor got a new look.  All American Athletics resurfaced the floor, and added a fresh coat of paint, and a new water-based floor sealant. 

The floor previously had an oil-based sealant, but that would turn the floor an unappealing yellowish color.  

“The kids are more excited [in class], and it looks brand new,” Mrs. Tami Smithmyer, physical education teacher, said.  She also stated there was more positivity in class.  

“There is more pride in our school,” Smithmyer said.  The school got new lights in the space so it is brighter in the gym. 

When visiting schools or sports teams come to our school, they are greeted with a gym floor that looks brand new and is safe because the floor is less slippery. 

I think we needed a new floor but it didn’t change our school.  I think people will like it more because it looks better for games,” Kamryn Haskey, eighth grader, stated.  

Overall, the gym floor looks great and hopefully, it will bring more pride to our school.