Scream and Attack, The Bulldogs are Back


Sara Miller

Coach Leasha talks to the boys at halftime talking over their next attack at the game at Bulldog Stadium on Wed., Sept. 14.

Lillian Stragand , Writer

This season the junior high football team is off to a great start, with winning the first three games against Cornell on Sept. 7, Northgate on Sept. 14, and Keystone Oaks on Sept. 20.  Some of the players were a little worried because they didn’t know how the other teams would perform. They ended up with scores of 16-8, 24-12 and 30-0. 

The team has changed a little bit since some boys bumped up to the junior varsity/varsity team, and there were also some players that just started on the junior high team this year. Many kids on the team also mentioned that their goals were just to have a winning record. Some kids had no doubt they could accomplish the wins.

“I think this could be the best season so far because we have so many great people on the team,” Logan Tuszynski, seventh grader, said. This season, they are undefeated even though they have fewer kids than the previous seasons.

“I think this season is going well because we have most of the good athletes on our team,” Karter Brown, seventh grader, said. He also mentioned that it was nice having the same amount of seventh and eighth graders on the team. The team has won all three of their games so far and they have no intention of slowing down, with their next game being Sept. 28 against South Side.