The drama club performs the Fairy Tale Network play


Wyatt MIller

Paige Krampy, Olivia Mason, and Hannah Houy playing Jimmy, Dean, and Sasuge in the Fairy Tale Network

Paige Krampy, Writer

This year the annual middle school play is called The Fairy Tale Network. Last year the middle school did not have an annual play because the coronavirus pandemic hit. Having the pandemic hit did not give the fifth graders (now sixth graders) a chance to try out for the play. 

Katelyn VanDeCar, fifth grader, was Baby Bear in the middle school play. Then, at the last minute, Mrs. Laura Miller, director, asked VanDeCar if she could play Mother Pig too. 

“It was slightly nerve wracking at first because she told me about two hours until we played in front of the school,” VanDeCar said. “ Once we rehearsed it though, it was much easier than I thought it would be.” “When I was deciding what to choose for the middle school play I read through five plays, and I chose The Fairy Tale Network! Mrs. Laura Miller stated. “ The reason I chose The Fairy Tale Network was because we had a smaller cast and the characters in the stories had parts that could be swapped. The way that I pick who gets what role in any of the plays we perform is I listen to how loud their voices are, if they move around, and if they become the character. Doing that will most likely get you the role you want.” 

“I joined the stage crew because it was something I wanted to do for a while now.”Juliana Giovengo, sixth grader, stated. “When I was younger I would go to plays, and ever since third or fourth grade I really wanted to be in the stage crew or be part of the cast. Once I joined the crew I knew all of the people, but at the same time I learned a lot about them.”

In the end, no matter what role you get, or if you’re in stage crew, you will most likely have fun!