Color Run


Charles Brenckle

Everyone all throughout the middle school was having a fantastic time in the color run.


The Color Run is an annual event that most students look forward to because you get to have fun and get out of class. This year the color run was very similar to other years. The color run is composed of three main factors. The first factor is color. The color that you get to throw on other students and gets thrown on you by parent volunteers is just colored corn starch, so the experience is not harmful and is safe. During the color run you are expected to run through the obstacle courses full of fun filled challenges,all while being covered from head to toe with color. 


Another major factor is the special treat after the run. In the past years there has been a special visit from the Kona Ice truck. It continued this year with all the fun flavors of the years before.

The lat major component is the dancing and limbo at the very end. This color run there was limbo, hula-hoops,and jump ropes to enjoy after your Kona Ice treat. A fun surprise was that Mr.Mohrbacher had been yelling out challenges such as the first one to do a handstand to win a Skybacher Sports t-shirt. This color run was definitely better than the last.