April Fools Day – is it a necessary special day?


Abigail Tedesco

Katelyn VanDeCar with a kick me sign on her back while Pearl Klaiber secretly kicks Katelyn VanDeCar, and Brooke Sarvey tries to save her.


Some people think that April Fools Day is not necessary and it is not a holiday. Different perspectives are given to better debate.

Now first let’s just say, everyone has different opinions about this “holiday.” People might think pranking people and being funny on April 1, is a holiday to represent happiness. April Fools Day originally started as playing hoaxes, playing practical jokes on other people, or yelling “April Fools!” Now to even think how this could be a holiday, many people think it is. They think of an International Day of Jokes. Now this is not the idea of Christmas or Easter.

“I love April Fools Day, because you can prank people and be funny all day. But at the same time, be thoughtful about the pranks,” Nora Powers, sixth grade student, explained.

“I think April Fools Day should be a holiday, because it is a day to prank people and should be more recognized,” Max Green, fifth grade student, explained.



Some people think that April Fool’s day should not be celebrated. Some people think that because some of the pranks can be hurtful.  At the same time pranks can be fun, but only if they are not hurtful. Some people may not care that the pranks are hurtful; they just think that pulling pranks on people is just not necessary.  And if you pull a prank on somebody too many times they might get annoyed, so in a way I am basically saying that April Fool’s Day is not all that great.

Some people may think that pulling pranks can be immature. Some people think that people only pull pranks to make others like them more. 


“I do not like April Fool’s day, because people can do harmful pranks,” Mrs. Stewart, prevention specialist, said.