Girls Volleyball Setting the Bar High for Next Season


Mrs. Miller

The Middle School Girls Volleyball Team Plays a home match against Ambridge

With the girls volleyball season coming to an end the teams both finished with great records. The eighth grade middle school volleyball team ended with a record with seven wins, seven losses, and zero ties. While the seventh grade volleyball team ended with a record of eight wins, six loses, and zero ties.  

      “My favorite memories were the games and practices.” Sienna Zurynski, seventh grader, said. With coaches and players, time, work, and dedication, the seventh grade team had a great volleyball season. All of the players worked hard towards winning games this season , and it showed on the scoreboard. The coaching staff spent days after school helping the players with their technique and skills. The middle school girls started the season with two open gyms so anyone who wanted to play volleyball was able to go , and see what the conditioning would be like. The teams have practice everyday except unless they have an after school game. 

“The best parts of the season were getting to bond, and playing with some of the people you maybe didn’t know that well,” Alyssa Bearer, eighth grader, said the multiple practices and games help girls learn to play with each other, and work together more. This allows the girls to get to know people better who are on their team. The middle school girls volleyball team worked very hard to win lots of their games, and all the work paid off at the end of the season.