Singers participate in a Chorus Fest, at Hopewell School District


Abigail Tedesco

Olivia Mason, Charlotte Rywolt, Cameron Stumpf, and Caroline Bender, sixth graders, pose for chorus fest practice on Friday, March 11.

Abby Tedesco , Writer

This year, the middle and high school students that are in chorus are participating in a Chorus Fest. Schools around this area are competing in the choir fest at Hopewell High School on April 1. The seventh and eighth graders already got the chance to go in January, but the fifth and sixth graders are still super excited!

First of all, readers are probably wondering, what is Chorus Fest? Well this is a very special event to Mrs. Newman, and all the dedicated students who tried out. The chorus fest is a musical education event for students fifth through ninth grade. It includes five or more students from each school, depending on how big the school is. 

The Freedom students in fifth through eighth grade who are participating are Madison Capehart, Katelyn VanDeCar, Brooke Glies, Kaitlin Evans, Lily Tyler, Olivia Mason, Charlotte Rywolt, Cameron Stumpf, Caroline Bender, Janna Kline, and Libby Smith. These are dedicated students who tried out and were picked to go to it. Those students are going to miss school one day to practice at Hopewell and perform a concert that night. 

“I think it’s a good opportunity for us to go against other schools, and I think it’ll be really fun!” Madison Capehart, fifth grader, stated.

“I think it’s gonna be really fun, and I’m gonna be happy to talk to other students from different schools. But the downside is that we have some hard songs to learn and they are Latin, so I hope I do well,” Kaitlin Evans, fifth grader, explained.

“I thought it was fun, and I got to meet other students, and the food was awesome!” Libby Smith, eighth grader, explained.