Spread the Kindness


Mrs. Miller

Students create positive post-it nots for other students in the classroom.

Wyatt Miller, Website Editor

The kindness lessons are meant to be part of our PAWS program. When parents and students took a survey they said kindness was something they wanted to see more of. 

Ms. Heiman, Mrs. Boyd, and Mrs. Miller did a lot of planning to prepare for the lessons and make them fit into the PAWS program. 

“I think we just need to keep teaching it and putting it into practice,” said Ms. Heiman, librarian. “Mrs. Miller started the idea of the kindness lessons and the PAWS community grew it to be what they are now.”

At the moment the Kindness lessons are PAWS, but Pep Club and Student Government are starting to become more involved in the kindness program.

“I think they went all right,”said Easton Ward, sixth grade student, after being asked how the Kindness lessons went. It seems Kindness lessons are off to a great start and hopefully as they continue through the rest of the year more kindness will spread throughout the school.