Do you have a rare birthday?

Rare birthdays that are sure to surprise you

Today most people can’t wait for their birthdays. People all over the world have different birthdays, although so many people are born in a single day. The average number of people born worldwide in a single day is about 385,000 babies. So in a year that means there are about 140,525,000 people born. Of course, so many people are born every month. But have you ever wondered: What is the rarest month to be born? 

Unfortunately we don’t really know worldwide since the results for 2022 are not yet available. However we do have reports from 2021. Before we tell you about the rarest birthdays around the world let’s start with the most common ones. Though it may come as a shock, based on our middle school records,  September happens to be the most common month to be born with 45, and the least popular Freedom birthday is in June with just 27 birthdays. 

Now let’s get to the rarest birthdays. Just going by the month, our school’s records show that June is the rarest month with only 27 birthdays! On the contrary around the world, it seems that February is in fact the rarest month to be born with only 319,235 births!  Of course we have to mention the runner ups. According to our school records August was the second rarest birthday with only 42 birthdays. Now we finally get to the bottom of the list with all of the least popular birthdays. But I think we should get down to the point.