Time for PAWS Find out more about the PAWS system


Katelyn VanDeCar

Students drop Paws cards into bins

Do you ever wonder how the process for PAWS Prizes works? Well you’re about to find out! The PAWS Prizes system started in the 2016-2017 school year. PAWS is used to change student behavior. The PAWS System falls behind something called PBIS (positive behavior, supports and intervention). PBIS teaches students to  behave in a different way.  Students can earn PAWS cards throughout the day by making good behavior choices. When this good behavior is rewarded it shows more.

Kids can suggest opinions for the prizes. Miss Heiman, middle school Librarian and PAWS coach, does all the shopping for the prizes.  

“Our school should have the best behaved students because of PAWS,” Pearl Klaiber, fifth grader, said. Our PAWS program helps students improve their behavior. It teaches the students that sometimes you don’t get rewarded or recognized when you do good. For example sometimes when you do good you don’t always get a PAWS Pass or Prize. 

The middle school’s PAWS Team is the following teachers: Mrs. Miller, Miss Hieman, Mrs. Boyd,  Mr. Culler, Mrs. Post, Mr. DeNome, Mr. Derickson, Ms. Rickard, Mrs. Glover, Mrs. Stewart, Mr. Brandt, and Dr. Smith.

Miss Heiman sometimes does bigger prizes at the end of the school year. If the students don’t like a prize Miss Heiman won’t get it again. We have a great system. The Elementary also uses the PAWS System. The Middle School started in 2016 and the Elementary started in 2019. We are lucky to have such awesome students and teachers.