What is happening with snow days?


Tayler Dalesandro

The snowflakes are falling on a snow day.

Tayler Dalesandro, Writer

Do you remember the days when there was a lot of snow outside?And how we couldn’t go to school because the snow was covering our driveways and blocking our doors? Well those are called snow days. We all love snow days because that means no school.

Ever since 2019 when COVID-19 started we haven’t been having any snow days. Instead of just taking off for the day and not having any school,we have been doing online virtual classes which were at home. Before 2019 we had many snow days and some of them just didn’t last a day, they lasted about a week. It was also hard for the teachers and students because all the teachers’ lesson plans for that day couldn’t be used. Which meant they had to mess around with the next day’s lesson plans and try to fit the day before lesson plans into the next day’s lesson plans. The students also get a shorter Spring break because April 13 and 14 are part of the Spring break but if we had a snow day one of the days from Spring break would be used in place.

Snow days can also be very fun because instead of sitting inside a classroom all day and doing work, you get to do so much more fun things like go sledding, have a snowball fight, and watch movies, and a lot more. There are also some things that are not fun on snow days like not being able to hang out with your friends, not being able to see your teachers and having summer break be shorter. Snow days can also cause a lot of problems like not being able to get outside of your house. Also not being able to drive on the roads because they are very slippery. And there also are a lot more problems that could happen on a snow day.

“Snow days are determined by the superintendent. The superintendent talks with the road crew and others schools which determines if we are going to have a snow day. If the snow was too bad to get to school instead of having a complete snow day and having to make up another day of school during the summer we would go virtual instead. We will go virtual for as long as we need to,” Principal Dr. Smith said.

That is what we would do if we needed to have a snow day.