Toy drive donates toys to children in need

The gift that keeps on giving


Tayler Dalesandro

Toy Drive boxes in the lobby by the office ready to be filled with toys for the toy drive.

This year Freedom Area School District is having a toy drive in cooperation with Lindy Paving Company. The toy drive is where you go out and buy a toy and bring it to school and put it in a box that is located in the front lobby by the office. At the end of the month the National Honor Society, also known as the NHS, will go and take the toys and bring them to the kids in need for Christmas. The Toy Drive is a really good donation. The Toy Drive is from November 17 to December 13.

Some of the places the Toy Drive will be donating to is the:

  • Women’s Centers of Beaver, Lawrence and Erie Counties
  • Charlie Batch’s Batch of Toys Foundation, Allegheny County
  • The Salvation Army of Beaver, Lawrence and Erie Counties
  • Marines Toys for Tots of Beaver, Lawrence and Erie Counties
  • Boys and Girls Club of Erie
  • Westmoreland Community Action Club

Those are the places that the toys from the toy drive will be donated to. The toy drive is also a very good place to donate to. If you donate to the toy drive, you will make a lot of kids and their families happy. Which really means a lot to them.

“I have been an adviser for the NHS for about four years now and I love it. These organizations that we are donating to are local and they help local communities. And I also found out from the four years working with NHS that the students prefer to do service projects that directly benefit our community, rather than larger-scale projects like ones that benefit national organizations,” Miss Ruthanne Gudzan, National Honor Society sponsor, said.