School board decides not to keep mask mandate at special meeting


Audrey Mooney

Some people wear their masks incorrectly, regardless of the mandate.

Audrey Mooney

Since Tuesday, Sept. 7, all students and staff had to wear a mask in all school buildings in Pennsylvania until further notice. Currently, there have been some questions regarding this.

On August 31, the PA Acting Secretary of Health, Alison Beam, mandated the wearing of masks in all school buildings, Pre-K through twelfth grade. Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court struck down this mandate on November 10. Governor Wolf appealed their decision, keeping the mandate in place.  The Pennsylvania Supreme Court then struck down the mask mandate last Friday, Dec. 10, due to the mandate not going through proper producers. As of now, there is no state-wide mandate but the decision is left to local school districts.  

“Personally, I do think they should require masks, and I know it keeps people safe,” Katelyn Clawson, seventh grader, stated.  She hopes the school will keep the mandate.  She says masks are fairly comfortable, depending on the brand.

Some schools like New Brighton, Hopewell, and Beaver are still requiring masks, even without the PA mandate.  Our School Board voted to not require masks at a special meeting on Monday, Dec. 20.