Freedom Middle School’s elf is everywhere


Paige Krampy

TatorTot lodged in a tree in the courtyard on Dec. 8.

Paige Krampy, Writer

It’s that time of year! November 24 to December 1 the elves come from the North Pole to your house. This year on December 1, Freedom Middle School’s Elf on the Shelf returned. Everyone in the middle school had a chance to name the elf, but there was only one student Tessa Wright whose made-up name was chosen. That name was TaterTot!

TaterTot hides all around the middle school, and the first ten kids to find TaterTot each day go to the library and get to choose a candy cane of their choice.

“The Freedom Middle School’s Elf on the Shelf tradition has been around for four years! Last year because of Covid-19, sadly the Elf on the Shelf wasn’t able to come that year. It is a truly fun tradition, and everyone has fun with it, ” Miss Heiman, Librarian and Pep Club sponsor, said. “TatorTot will hopefully be staying with us until December 24 then he will go back to the North Pole.” 

We hope you have a very, very nice, and white Christmas.