COVID Christmas Part 2; What the students think


Kendall Climo

Seventh graders pose in PJs in front of Mrs. Post’s room during holiday spirit week.

Do you remember last Christmas? Not being able to go celebrate with family and friends? It was not the best year, but will it be the same this year? With the new “variant of concern,” families might be unsure about gathering this year. Everyone loves Christmas, and they want to be with their families so there might still be some people who go out for Christmas and take the risk.

 “Me and my immediate family are choosing to gather for Christmas,” says Lucas Evans, seventh grader.  He has never done Zoom Christmas and he never intends to.

“[Some different things this year about Christmas from last year would be that] all my family members are getting older,” Patsy Seneca, seventh grader, stated. This was certainly a different approach to the question. Seneca has also said that he is not worried about going out for Christmas. These two students are going to be doing mostly the same thing, but are going to take different approaches to the situation. 

“I think last year we only had food, and the extended family didn’t come last year,’’ Ashlynn Wagner, seventh grader says.  This year her family is having a holiday party, she says, “I am pretty sure I am going.  They have one at my grandma’s and I am going. They usually do grab bags.” 

Lots of different people are doing different things for Christmas. 

My family and I are going to take the risk and go out for Christmas. Our family is having our annual Christmas party with most of our extended family.