Ging Receives 2021 PSBA Innovative Teacher Award


Dr. Smith

Ms. Jeanine Ging poses with her Innovative Teacher Award after receiving it in late November.

Ms. Jeanine Ging, sixth grade math and science teacher, was given an award recognizing her different ways of teaching and hands-on activities in November. 

“[The award I received] was the Pennsylvania Education Innovative Teacher Award, and it was awarded by the Pennsylvania School Board Association. I was very surprised because I wasn’t aware that I was nominated for the award. I was very excited that they have taken time to show innovation in my ways of teaching. I was nominated for the award by Ms. Patsiga. I assume that there were other candidates, I just got the recognition that I had won the award. Any school board member could nominate somebody statewide,” Ging said. 

Ging was recognized by the Pennsylvania School Board Association for having unique ways of teaching and having more hands-on activities. She works in the courtyard and has different projects for the students so that they can experience a new way of learning.

 “In September, I wrote the submission to recognize Ms. Ging with the 2021 PSBA (Pennsylvania School Board Association) Innovative Teacher Award.  I felt it was extremely important to promote one of FASD’s extraordinary educators.” said Ms. Lynn Patsiga, school board member.

Ms. Ging is a sixth grade science and math teacher, but she is also the science club sponsor. She encourages students to work in the courtyard and is also in charge of  CSI week. Ms. Ging also helps to set up the Fall Fest set up for sixth grade, with a hand made trebuchet from high schoolers years ago.

“She makes learning enjoyable and easy to understand new assignments,” says Easton Ward, sixth grade student.

“Ms. Ging does hands-on projects, and makes learning fun with her ideas,” says Bella Danile, sixth grade student. 

“Her students have learned to value conservation with hands-on learning. After a recent day of a caterpillar forming a chrysalis in the middle of science class, which prompted a delighted student to declare that it was a perfect day – Ms. Ging emphatically exclaimed, “This is why I teach!””stated Ms. Patsiga in her submission.