Black Friday consumers and stores have big problems


Mrs. Miller

Walmart is ready for Black Friday

Nick Metzger, Features Editor

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are common U.S. traditions after Thanksgiving. This year’s Black Friday is on Nov. 26. This year’s Cyber Monday is three days after, on Nov. 29. Most stores and online stores on Black Friday and Cyber Monday take a big percentage off of their products for the day, but this year stores are having problems with their stock due to the supply chain problem. Some stores are doing their sales now because of the supply chain problem. 

The average person spends about $358 on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. With Black Friday in 2020 being the second largest spending day ever, lots of stores brought in a ton of money even though they took down their prices! Those types of numbers might be different this year with the supply chain issue, though. 

“I don’t usually go out on Black Friday,” Abby Hunter, eighth grader, stated. “ I do not shop online on Cyber Monday. I think [the stores] are doing their deals too early. It kind of ruins the tradition. I will not be online shopping or shopping in person this year because it gets very crowded and it doesn’t matter to me if there are deals.”

“I usually go out {on black friday}.” Colton Blank, eight grader, stated. “Usually I go on Amazon and stuff like that. I think {the stores} are doing their deals a little too early. I feel like nobody is actually looking at {the deals} yet, or I think people are looking at {the deals} so much that there are not going to be enough products.”