Children’s COVID vaccine now available


Mrs. Miller

Wyatt Miller holds his 15-minute timer after he recived his first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine on Nov. 18.

Abby Tedesco , Writer

Before COVID-19, there were more simple vaccines, such as flu shots. That’s all until COVID-19 (Coronavirus) struck, and everyone didn’t understand how to take precautions. Front-line workers such as doctors and nurses are still working very hard to fight this virus off.

 Although regular shots are normally one dose, this vaccination has three doses, which is safe for kids. This vaccine’s name is “PFIZER-BIONTECH.” Kids five through eleven can get this vaccination, although ONLY in the U.S. The vaccine is coming out November 7-13th is estimated time for delivery. Pfizer-BioNtech is made of MRNA, which is a type of produced protein that forms cells that create blueprints to make protein in your body. When you get this vaccine, the chemicals that it’s made out of can trick your body into having Coronavirus, then your body fights it off with the other side of the medication. The vaccine goes into your deltoid, which is your upper middle arm.

“I think kids will be glad to have this vaccine, since they can have a chance, and still be safe,” Elizabeth Tedesco, nurse, stated.“It’s all a part of the science that takes on this furious virus.”

“I am excited to get my vaccine so I can be healthy,” Fynn Reynolds, fifth grade student, said. We know everyone has different opinions about this vaccine, but it depends on your choice of getting it, or not getting it.