Wrestling team comes back after a year off


Zeke Stroupe

Wrestlers participate in a tune-up camp at Freedom High School on Nov. 8-10.

Wrestling is one of the most competitive sports there is. It is a very intense sport and consists of many throws and takedowns. When wrestling it’s a very individual sport, where you go 1v1 with another wrestler. It takes lots of practice and endurance. Wrestling matches for junior high are four and a half minutes long and are split up into three quarters which are a minute and a half each.

This year’s Freedom Wrestling team is bouncing back after a year of not being able to have a team due to the coronavirus. Last year, some athletes who wanted to take initiative went to wrestling clubs to enhance their skills during the time off the season. Some others went to the youth wrestling practice. 


This year’s season started on Friday, Nov. 19. This year’s junior high head coach is Robbie Murron, and the assistant coaches are Mike Murron and Z.J. Ward. Students who still want to participate in wrestling can come at any time. 


This year the coaches of each of the wrestling teams plan to bring together all of the teams. They bought a membership at Wrestling With Virtue (WWV), which is a wrestling club. It is free to all Freedom wrestlers. The coaches plan to build character within the wrestlers. The big thing that is going to bring everyone together is communication, especially with the youth head coach Jon Shaffer.