Freedom Little Bulldog Cheer and the playoffs

Can Cheerleaders Help Football Players Win The Playoffs?

Hannah Metzger

Can Cheerleaders Help Football Players Win The Playoffs?

Hannah Metzger, Writer

Did you ever think cheerleaders could cheer in the playoffs? Did they ever help the football players win? Let’s find out! 

Ali Millward who is a Freedom Mighty-Mite cheerleader said “During halftime shows we help grind time, so the football players can build up more energy, as long as the girls are cheering, it shows we care about the football players.”

The playoffs could be rough sometimes. If you win you have to keep going even if the best player on the team is hurt. You can’t skip the playoffs. It could be an amazing game that you miss, or it could be a very bad losing game that you might miss. You might start getting angry if someone does bad in the game because you really want to win. It is still very cool to win and be known as a winning team. One of the games the Mighty-Mites played was 40. They won that one. 

The Mighty-Mites had a very amazing  season this year. They started out well and ended pretty well. We did have some rough games, but that is ok. A football team can’t always win every single game. It just wouldn’t be fun at all. The playoffs also seem tough this year.

I am also a Mighty-Mite cheerleader and I think we help a lot in the playoffs. They need people to cheer them on when they play. They could have a bad game, but the cheerleaders could cheer them up when they really need it. We won our first playoff game and let’s  hope we can win the rest.