8th grade Honors ELA writes children’s books as first assignment of the year


Elizabeth Mooney

Noah Brandon, eighth grader, presenting his children’s book to the class.

On Sept. 30, the honors English Language Arts (ELA) class began writing picture books for younger kids. They are writing and illustrating their own books and presenting them to the class. This is a great opportunity for the students to express creativity and entertainment into books.   

The students learned about the different plots and characters that would make the story books more interesting.  

          “I think this is a good way to develop an understanding of these concepts. I wanted them to be creative and to think through the process from beginning to end that encompassed all the things we discussed.  I think it was a good way to showcase creativity and personality.  I do think that the presentations went well. I think some put forth a bit more effort than others, but all of them were well developed,” Mrs. Nicole Spiker, eighth grade Honors ELA teacher, said.  

There were no limits to the assignment, and the project was designed to let the students use their creativity and imagination. 

“I think I would do this assignment again because it gives us a chance to be creative. I think I did it because, well, it was time spent on the class, and I wanted to see what other people did for this project. I enjoyed that we had to have ten pages because I felt like it should have been more. I don’t think it was because I felt like we could have used this as the end of the year project so we could save the best project for last. It exceeded my expectations because I went back and basically went back and just fixed all my mistakes so it would turn out well,” Reese Neely, eighth grader, said. 

   When the students presented their projects, they got the chance to show off how creative they were. This assignment inspired and benefited  all of the students with creativity.