Girls and Boys Soccer Coming to a Close


Wyatt Miller

Freedom Middle School girls soccer game

The middle school boys and girls soccer season has come to a close. The last boys soccer game was at Ambridge on Tuesday, Oct. 5th. The last girls soccer game was against Blackhawk on Oct. 7th. 

“I think that the team did very well, even if we lost a few games. I enjoyed playing with the team because they helped me get better. I will play soccer with the team next year.” stated Ashlynn Wagner, seventh grade. 

“I think that the team did pretty well because we won a lot of games this season. I liked playing with the team and I also liked the coach, because he helped us get better. I will definitely play with the team next season.” stated Kendall Climo, seventh grader. 

“I think that the boys team did very great, we passed a lot and had a wide variety of people scoring. The one thing we could improve on is getting an extra goalie, so that our goalie can have breaks. My favorite thing about playing on the team was how enthusiastic people were about scoring, also, people took the game very seriously so that they tried their best. I would love to play for the boys next year because I love playing soccer, and playing for the school is very fun,” stated Lucas Evans, seventh grader. 

“I think we really improved as the season went on. We started to play well as a team. We were a young team, so we had to learn quickly! We improved every game, and that was our goal from day one! I do think that the team did well. At the MS level, it’s all about learning the little things that will make us successful later when they play high school soccer! To be a good team you have to work as a team, and we did. They came with a great attitude & worked hard everyday! That’s what a coach expects & appreciates. I am very proud of all of them! We won three games, tied two games, and we lost six games” Chris Keller, girls soccer coach, stated.