Freedom Spotlight shines a new light on Freedom news


Charles Brenckle

Advanced tech ed class hard at work on their projects.

Charles Brenckle, Sports Editor

Mrs. Beth Malarik, Tech-Ed teacher, and Mr. Jim Gregg, art teacher, have assembled an advanced seventh and eighth grade Tech-Ed class, which is now working on the current news going on in school. Some groups are making modern dances, some covering science projects, and all the way to the outdoors outside of school.

The groups work on making videos with the new iPads that are provided in the Steam Lab, and are then editing them so that they can then be sent out on the Freedom Spotlight’s YouTube channel. Mrs. Malarik and Mr. Gregg are overseeing the groups to make sure everything is going smoothly, and giving any assistance when needed.

“I want to highlight what the school, and the Freedom Area School District are doing,” Mrs. Malarik said. Mrs. Malarik is constantly working on the Spotlight and is always out helping students with the projects so that they may get out as soon as possible.

“I like to edit and tune up the final product,” Lucas Bradel, seventh grader, said. The MacBooks that are in the STEAM Lab allow the class to edit in all sorts of different ways, and it makes it fun too.