Mrs. Clibbens gets MAC grant for a school store


Nick metzger

Mrs. Clibbens showing her class where the school store is going during 6th period in the lobby.

Nick Metzger, Features Editor

 Mrs. Wendy Clibbens, fifth grade teacher, has received a grant from the McDonalds restaurant called the MAC Grant. The MAC Grant is a grant for teachers in middle school grades five through eight that provides grants up to $500 for teachers to help make interesting and educational projects for students and teachers. The grant that Mrs. Clibbens received is worth $500. This grant is going to allow Mrs. Clibbens and her class to make and run a school store. 

This school store will have a real cash register and real merchandise. Mrs. Clibbens and the P.A.W.S committee are also trying to turn P.A.W.S cards into currency for the school store. 

“The $500 is going to be used to get the store prepared,” Clibbens stated. “Most of it is going to be used for merchandise. It is also going to teach the students about how to run a business.  It is also going to teach the students about order and  staying within budget. It is also going to teach them how to sustain a store. I would like for the store to be opened by Christmas time.” 

Mrs. Tina Boyd, fifth grade ELA and social studies teacher, is going to help out with the school store as well. Mrs. Boyd’s class will be working with advertising, appealing to customers, and propaganda.

I think the school store will benefit the school,” Fynn Reynolds, fifth grader, stated. “I am planning on helping Mrs. Clibbens. I think Mrs. Clibbens is doing a good job.”