Student Government making a change


Nick Metzger

Student Government students sign in for their first meeting at the cafeteria during first period on Sept. 15.

Nick Metzger, Features Editor

With school just starting up, there have been a few changes. One of those changes involves Student Government. With the passing of former sponsor of the Student Government, Mr. Peter Kappas, Mr. Jim Culler has taken over as the new sponsor for the Student Government. He is the seventh grade geography teacher. The Student Government consists of students in grades five through eight and in order to get into the club you have to fill out an application. The club meets on the third Wednesday of every month during first period Academic Support. 

“I saw an opportunity to be able to make some positive changes with what we did,” Mr. Culler stated. “Hopefully [we can] bring around more school spirit. With the Student Government we are now doing a community service project. That community service project will be a penny drive for some sort of charity.”

“The other changes we are going to see are for our home middle school basketball games for girls and boys and the girls volleyball team games we are going to have a concession stand that we are going to run. Student Government should be those who want to be leaders of the school. I thought the application was a way for those who really wanted to step up and be in that leadership role. It is no longer a popularity contest.”

“Throughout the year I already talked to Ms. Heiman and  we are going to help with the Pep Club with spirit days and things like that. Those who are involved in the Student Government will be expected to participate in those types of events,” Culler stated.

“[I joined] because I wanted to help around the school,” Julianne Hein, seventh grader, stated. “ Mainly me and Chloe [Lundy] are going to be counting money when they do the concession stands and stuff.”