What are you doing this summer?

Olivia Mason, Writer

Everyone loves summer! It is a time to spend time with your family, friends, be outside, and so many other fun things.  When school is out for the year, and summer starts, what do you do first? Kids can not wait for summer time. School is out and time for activities. 

Mia Roncevich, sixth grader, loves to do Summer activities with her family. “We do a lot together as a family. One of my favorite things to do with my family during the summer is sitting by the bonfire and talking.”, Roncevich said. “I love to go to ice cream stores and restaurants with my family.”

Kids love doing different things. Such as, ride bikes, swim, go camping, crafts, summer camp, go to the park, color, birdwatch, play in the sprinkler, and so many other fun things! 50% of kids like to swim most of the time. 

Hunter Thomas, seventh grader, also likes summer. “My favorite thing to do during the summer is boating and going to Tennessee on a houseboat.” Almost everyone does something during the summer.

“When I am with my family during the summer, we usually go to swim at my Mimi and Pap’s house to swim and we play board games together. When I get home from the last day of school, my favorite thing to do is I hang out with my family for a little bit and then I go outside and play with a friend. During the summer, I like to go to Erie, Florida, and sometimes even a lake house.”, Tristan Fitzgerald, fifth grader said.

Whatever you do this summer, make sure you have a lot of fun! Have a good summer,  Freedom Middle School!