Denkovich wins Aspiring Young Journalist award


Ms. Heiman

The entire Bulldog Barker staff celebrated Denkovich’s award on the morning of Friday, April 9, with a donut party in the library.

Cameron Stumpf, Writer

Christopher Denkovich, Bulldog Barker Editor-in-Chief, received the 2021 Aspiring Young Journalist Award from the Journalism Education Association (JEA) on Thursday, April 8. He received this award for skilled and creative use of writing, inquiring mind and investigative persistence, courageous and responsible handling of issues, variety of journalistic experiences, and sustained and commendable work with school media. 

He has always been there to help new members of the Bulldog Barker staff and he has lots of experience. In Christopher’s recommendation letter, Mrs. Sara Miller, journalism adviser, wrote, “He gives relevant insight to class discussions, helping move the lesson forward. Christopher leads by example and has effectively taken over the staff discussion when I’ve asked him to.”

 Christopher went through a long application process to have a chance for the title Aspiring Young Journalist of the year. 

“I felt confused. I looked on the website and saw my name. I thought it was because I was on my account. When I found out I won I was in disbelief,” Denkovich said. Two of the runners-up were Nahshon Cooper, of John Hopkins Middle School, and Olivia Savage, of Ramay Junior High School. Christopher said his favorite part of being a member of the Bulldog Barker is getting to use the First Amendment. Some advice he would give to new writers is to try your best. The Bulldog Baker staff is very happy that Christopher won.