Clibben’s class looms hats in their free time

4th graders ( From left to right ) Chloe Hillard, Sophia Bruce, and Avary Cooper work on their hats and scarves during their free time.

Mrs. Clibbens’s fourth grade class has been making hats and scarves on looms during their free time. They work in their classroom during morning time and recess and also if students finish their work early. They loom hats and scarves using lots of different colors of yarn.  

By using a loom frame the students can make hats and scarves. Clibbens’s class works on theses because they have a lot of free time. They can use any type or color of yarn they want. It takes a while to create a finished loom, around 4 hours!

There are a bunch of things they  can detail to their hat and scarves. One of the things you can do to make it detailed and unique is its color. You can make it any color string you want! Most people would prefer red or pink yarn. Other people like teal, maroon, or blue. 

“I have this pink yarn that changes colors,  and whenever you are done with the loom it changes into a whole bunch of different colors and looks really nice!” Juda Kmieciak, fourth grader, said. 

Ms. Ging, sixth grade science and math teacher, and Clibbens wrote a grant to the Freedom Area Educational Foundation to fund the project . The money supplied loom frames, yarn, and hooks.

 “It has been nice during COVID since we can’t really see each other to be able to work at our desks and do something different!” Clibbens said.