Show some spirit, its Spirit Week!


Nicholas Metzger

Seventh and eighth graders lined up outside the library on Thursday waiting for their picture to be taken.

Spring Spirit Week was held from Monday, April 19 to Friday, April 24 in the middle school. Ms. Sara Heiman has been helping Pep Club with Spirit Week since 2016 when she became the Pep Club sponsor. The Pep Club has also had Christmas Spirit Week, Decades Week and in April, Spring Spirit Week.
“It is fun to be able to break up the monotony of a regular school week. Each year the days are a little different but I try to make sure the themes are broad enough that all students feel like they can participate,” Heiman stated.
Monday was PJ day, Tuesday was Team day, Wednesday is Camo/Sparkle day, Thursday is Group day, and Friday is Red and White day.
“We just thought that it would be something fun to look forward to now that most of the kids are back,” Heiman stated. “We usually do one for homecoming in the fall. It just all depends on what is happening that year. The students in Pep Club decided the themes.”